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Mike Butler

"... not some product endorsed by a blue-helmeted, child-raping organization."

No, no, no, that would be the UN, not NATO!!! NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, y'know, the group of western countries that banded together after WW II to defend against the Soviet bloc. They're the outfit that (among other things) certifies the specs of the ever popular 5.56mm Ball Ammunition that we use in our beloved AR-15s (for example). NATO is the good guys, our friends, not to be confused with the UN, and there ain't a blue helmet anywhere among them.

I wouldn't pay 5¢ for a fuel can if it were endorsed by the UN.


Dude, seriously? You don't know the difference between the UN and NATO?

Also, hate to break it to you, but the bureaucrats didn't "design" the new cans, they merely specified its required performance characteristics. The manufacturers then presented and produced the feeble design that is now commonplace.

Terry Oelmann

This is what happens when you let nut jobs like Nancy Pelosi be in charge of things! I am a professional plumber, and it is only going to get worse starting next year! Remember when we went from the 3 gallon flush toilets to the 1.6 gallon flush? Everyone bitched because they did not work! Well grab your toilet paper, starting 2015 they are going down to 1.2 gallon flush! And this is not all that is changing at the beginning of the new year! You WILL be paying more!

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