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Steve Sarette

My EDC flashlight is a Surefire E1B backup. I also have several other Surefires stashed here and there, including an old incandescent 6P in my truck and a U2 Ultra that I carry in my man bag (when I carry a man bag). I also have an A2 Aviator that I use in the dim LED (red) mode when I'm locking up the house at night.

Rechargeable 123s are interesting, but then you also need the recharger. One more thing to carry on vacation, one more thing to stick in your go-bag. I'd rather just buy 123s in bulk and stash them everywhere. Which is pretty much what I do. With a 10 year shelf life, that actually works for me.

I use my flashlights frequently, but it's still rare to need to replace a battery; usually once a year, six months at most. The run time on the LED flashlights is fantastic. Frankly, I think the lights would have to be out for a month or longer before I'd really wish I had rechargeables.

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