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I stumbled upon your blog by doing a Google search. I sold my FT60R and got an IC-T70A and could not be happier with my decision. I think the T70A provides better audio ouput. It also has a "CHARGE" indicator on the display when the battery is charging. This indicator goes away when the battery is completely charged. And.... drumroll please.... one can plug an earbud or extension speaker directly into the IC-T70A, something not possible with the FT60R unless an adaptor is used. I spent an hour with the manual and have mastered the radio They keypad is uncluttered. The radio looks sharp. It has a good receiver and I haven't had any intermod or other such problems since getting the IC-T70. All in all, Icom has a winner!! (Only thing they overlooked on the T70A was a backlit keypad)

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