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So did you get it working? How did you get an image off the ATV boot volume to load onto the new drive, if the other one was broken already?
Mine's pooched as well and I am trying to work out how to restore on a new HD, but I need an image to start with.


Yep, I got it working--mostly. Partition the new drive by following any of the drive upgrade instructions out there (for example, ). Download the latest OS image from Apple and put it in the boot partition. The drawback for me was that my recovery partition was toast, and I couldn't find a reliable recovery image on the net, so I had to leave that partition empty. The Apple TV will work without the recovery partition, but it won't be able to upgrade itself since part of the upgrade process is to boot from the recovery partition to install the update into the boot partition. This means you'll have to manually update the boot partition by downloading the latest OS image from Apple and "dd" it onto the boot partition.

Good luck!


Oh, hey, here's one other good Apple TV rebuild resource I bookmarked and should share: http://smallnum.blogspot.com/2008/02/re-creating-apple-tv-from-scratch.html.

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