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John Manfredi

Thanks for posting this. Seeing that this was posted in 2009, I'm curious if you still have this printer. I've had mine for years as well. I really like the quality, but getting replacement toner, etc is getting more difficult to find locally and is pretty pricey.

If the memory upgrade really helped I'm considering keeping it, but I've been looking at HP printers since I can grab a toner cartridge everywhere. Still pricey though.



Yep, I still have it and it's still working well for me. I've bought my replacement toner from Amazon and get the extra capacity cartridges. So far I'm still on my first round of replacement cartridges, so while a full set comes close to an entire printer (what's new?), I'd have to say I'm still satisfied with my purchase. Maybe Amazon, or some other mail-order provider, can help you find the toner you need? Also, I find that the printer provides plenty of advance notice before a cartridge expires, so I just wait until I get the first low toner warning, order a replacement and have it ready for when the printer finally refuses to print until the toner is replaced.

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