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I've had similar problems with the Philips Marathon bulbs. The life expectancy is nowhere near what they claim. I get about 2 years on average per bulb. Annoying as hell! But it gets worse... Just wait until you start having a problem with the glass portion of the light (the actual CFL light is inside a glass 'globe' for lack of a better term). They sometimes like to separate from the CFL fixture. The result is a glass grenade that falls from the sky and upon impact shatters into about a million sharp little shards! I thought I was the only one until I did a Google search and found someone having the exact same issue!


I've had two of these bulbs grenade on me so far (2nd one tonight which is how I found this blog) and it's not fun...

I will be calling Philips tomorrow and see what they say, but I'm not sure I'll be buying these bulbs anymore...

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