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Blake Sobiloff

Yep, wheelies in first and second gear are easy, and third gear's pretty do-able with a little practice.


G'day mate,
I got a new KTM 690 Enduro about 2 weeks ago and I'M LOVING IT! I've had various other bikes in the past; Honda CBR929, KTM 525, Kawasaki Z750 & would have to say the 690 is the most fun I have ever had on a motorcycle...... and yes I love wheel standing it in third gear.

Kyle G.

Thoroughly enjoyed this review. I've read a few from the magazines and sites, and none were this objective. Would appreciate to hear what prices '08 690 E's are currently selling for. I'm looking in the NY area, where you can't swing a dead cat w/out hitting a KLR/XR/DR, but KTM's are rare.

Mountain Voyeur

eh.. thank you for this te xt.

Edward Chong

Hi Blake,

Today is my first ride for my new KTM 690 Enduro ....totally same feeling like you mentioned..

I can add three word on it....wild....wild...wild...

Riding the bike like riding a wild horse, I was trying to tame it, but end up tamed by him...I fully exhausted...

Compare to my tamed Varadero XL 1000, this KTM give me opposite feel.

Really enjoy riding it...


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