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Dude…that’s awesome. The web is stacked with nice (kiss ass-ers) reviews about 690, but yours seem fair. I will buy an 690 asap. Thanks again.



Hi, good text. I have to same feeling.
Where is installment with good experience from address: http://sobiloff.typepad.com/blakeblog/ktm-690-enduro-faq.html ?


Andrew Lacey

Interested to know if you got the windshield, how much it set you back, and how much of an improvement it made.

At the moment I'm looking at getting an enduro with a windshield. How can you tour without a proper windshield???

Blake Sobiloff

Wimpi: I added I link from my homepage to the FAQ. I hope that helps.

Andrew: Still no windshield, but with winter weather (OK, OK, rain) coming in I'm starting to think about it. I'll update the blog when I do.


Hey buddy, What I want to know is if you twist that throttle quickly in a low gear, does the front wheel come up?

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