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What a fantastic review. Very thorough. I didn't do much research before purchasing my Held Phantom gloves and I'm happy to learn they're so highly rated.


Excellent review - I just bought a pair today actually.

I chose them because the A* gloves knuckle inserts cut up my hands within a day of use and the Dainese gloves didn't have any noticeable venting.


One item not mentioned in the review is the one I seek: How much effort is required to put the Phantoms on and then take them off?

As much as I enjoyed my Galaxys, I found that I seldom wore them just because they were too damn much work to put on and then get out of. Most of this was due to the tight fit designed into the gauntlet, and I don't buy into the theory that in order to keep the gloves secure in the event of a mishap this is necessary.

I want to use these for all-round riding, not just track days or racing, so I'm looking for them to be accommodating in this regard and not argue when I'm fitting them over the cuffs of my leathers. Thanks for any further info.


Hi Gary,

The gauntlet is velcro adjustable so you should be able to size it comfortably for your sleeves. As I mentioned in my review, the most fiddly part of the glove is the double-Velcro closure at the wrist. I've gotten used to it now, but it does take a little extra effort compared to most other gloves.


This was the most informative review on the Held gloves I've seen. THANK YOU!

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